How things work around here

This blog is my kingdom. It is not an exercise in legality or accountability or debate. I reserve the right to:

  • Edit posts after publication to correct bad phrasing, grammatical and typographical errors. I may even remove/add some content without warnings, or notice of edition if I don’t judge the warning or notice necessary.
  • Permanently remove a post that turns out to cause me trouble. I did this two times in the past. I know how to get a large number of hits if I really want to, but I do not want this blog to attract attention for the wrong reasons, or for something that I don’t really stand for anymore.
  • Block a post from comments. Since I don’t have a huge crowd following me, I cannot count on threads of comments  to be mostly reasonable and interesting. I’d rather avoid an invasion of impulsive and stupid comments.
  • Delete your comment for offensive, insensitive, or downright stupid content.
  • Not reply to some comments.

These rules may leave an aftertaste of bitterness, but all I really want is a bit of decency, courtesy and freedom. Other than that, feel free to enjoy yourself! I am certainly enjoying myself writing these posts. This is my first and foremost reason for running this blog. I don’t get any income from it. The little time you might spend here is all I really need!


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