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Does silly science fiction hurt the public image of science?

I watch a lot of science fiction. I always did. I probably got most of that interest from my father, who always dreamt of going to the stars. When I was a kid, I was absorbing it all. Star Trek, … Continue reading

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The BBC, Brian Cox and the Wonders

In 2010, the BBC released a documentary on channel 2 called Wonders of the Solar System. It is a fantastic 5 hour series on the planets sharing a place around the Sun with the Earth. The narrator is Brian Cox, … Continue reading

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Supernatural: that’s it!

That’s it! Supernatural made it to the very short list of my one favorite show. Ever. Why, would you ask? This show is filled with superstitious non-sense! Actually, this is the exact reason why I love the show. That, and … Continue reading

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