About image credits

As someone who have a rather poor understanding of copyright laws, I have been rather cavalier in the past about attributing credit for the images I use on this blog. If you found that I am using your image without your permission, accept first my sincere apology. Then, please leave a comment here and tell me how to give you appropriate credit or to remove the image. The image I use for the banner is an edited version from:

which I found on the Astronomy Picture of the Day website from NASA. You may spend hours browsing over there if you like astronomy pictures.

Again, keep in mind that I don’t make any profits from this blog. You and I hate ads, maintaining a website without ads is very inexpensive, and I don’t intend to transform this blog into a source of income any time soon.

I now try as much as possible to create my own images. If you want to use them you have my permission. I would only ask in return that you tell me where you used the image in the comments here. Thank you for your understanding!


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