Signs of life

I’m back in Vancouver. I’m about to start writing my PhD thesis soon. The last 4 months have been rather intense, but very rewarding. I can’t tell the whole story just yet, because it hasn’t ended yet. I don’t know how it will end. All I can say is that we have worked very hard to open a new chapter on the Higgs boson, and we are just about to succeed. This required a bit of a paradigm shift in the way we do analysis. It was met with a lot of healthy skepticism, but a relentless stream of proofs of concept and studies eventually convinced the upper management at ATLAS that this was the way to go. We’re in good shape.

I haven’t abandoned the blog. I will come back to writing as soon as things quiet down a bit. I had the itch to write many times, but I couldn’t find the time and energy to write well thought out pieces. The analysis I am working on is superseding everything. It’s a rare thing to be that dedicated to something. I kind of enjoy it.

Being back in Vancouver means that I get back my recording equipment. I felt like dusting off my two condenser mikes and quickly recording something. It’s the first time I record a cover song. It’s the first song I’ve ever learned on the guitar. You may recognize it, even if I took some liberty over the original. Enjoy!

** Edit **: Turns out I still had a bit of motivation to do another recording this week-end. Innocent by Our Lady Peace. Gosh I’m happy to get my recording equipment back!

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