One year!

Today is the Large Idea Collider’s first anniversary! This is why the blog now has its own domain at! Here is a quick summary of my first year:

  • 51 posts! I surprise myself at having attained the objective of posting once per week!
  • 6000 hits! Thank you all!
  • 36 comments! I am baffled at having comments at all!

The Large Idea Collider shows signs of slowly gaining popularity despite still having a very small audience. Thanks to the people who are spreading the word. I write this blog first and foremost for my own enjoyment, but if other people enjoy it as well it doubles the fun!

There is a funny anomaly among my posts that I want to share. A usual post gets a substantial amount of hits upon publication, and then the number of hits gradually go down as time passes. My post debunking the Chronicle Project doesn’t obey this pattern at all. It started getting regular hits a week into September, more than two months after its initial publication. It is now raking up hits at a constant rate. What is going on? If you happen to know something about this, please let me know! This is bugging me…

Again, thanks for supporting me in this silly project of mine! Your visits and words of encouragement are appreciated!

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One Response to One year!

  1. Gerhard says:

    Well Happy Birthday, Large Idea Collider!
    Welcome to the illustrious group of people/entities who celebrate integer orbits around this time of year!

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