Supernatural: that’s it!

That’s it! Supernatural made it to the very short list of my one favorite show. Ever. Why, would you ask? This show is filled with superstitious non-sense! Actually, this is the exact reason why I love the show. That, and the fact that none of it is taken seriously. Only the entertainment value of it remains, and it is so worth it.

Here a synopsis of the show. Sam and Dean are two brothers who have been raised as hunters. Hunters of supernatural deadly things. Their mother died when they were small kids, turning their father into an obsessive hunter himself. The plot revolves a lot about the relationship between the two brothers, their aspirations for the future, and how these aspirations are being screwed over by an evil destiny planned by very potent supernatural beings. I will not reveal anything more, as I do not want to give away the tiniest of spoilers.

I will however talk about last week’s episode: The French Mistake. The cool thing with having a show set up in a Universe where supernatural things happen, is that you can make anything happen. In last week’s episode, Sam and Dean ends up trading places with alternate themselves in a parallel Universe. Only, this Universe turns out to be ours. Sam becomes Jared Padalecki (the actor playing Sam) and Dean becomes Jensen Ackles (the actor playing Dean). They suddenly appear on one the sets of Supernatural, in Vancouver B.C., surrounded by false props and a filming crew.

I know this can be argued over a long time, but I think this is sheer originality. Especially the way this unexpected event turned out to serve the main plot. Definitely the funniest Supernatural episode so far. Wait until you see the guys acting their characters acting themselves. Priceless. But the most delectable moment for me is when Sam and Dean realize that there is no magic in this Universe. Sam says:

Maybe that’s why our spell didn’t work, Dean, you know, maybe here there’s no supernatural, no magic!

And Dean replies:

No demons, no hell, no heaven, no God?

And Sam replies:

Something like!

I was literally dancing in my apartment. I suspected for a long time the creators of Supernatural were in line with my own view of the world, but that confirms it beautifully! But seriously, I don’t really care that much if Supernatural is written by atheists, considering how good it is. All I care about is that it is not used as a platform for preaching, which it definitely isn’t. It really is a great show. Lots of action, some scare, some gore, lots of goofiness, and lots of pretty girls. Good classic rock soundtrack as well. I barely know what more I could ask for. I guess I am just a little surprised that my favorite show is not a science fiction show.

Oh, and please get over the preconception that this show is for girls because the guys are deadly handsome. Like I said, lots of pretty girls too!

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