Joe Satriani : Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards

Joe Satriani is not a new musical discovery for me. However, his last album, Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards, certainly feels like something new. I was a bit disappointed at his previous album, Professor Satchafunkilus and the Musterion of Rock, and I was slowly losing interest in Joe. Then, something funny happened. About a week ago, on Friday January 7th, my friend told me that she was going to see Joe the same night at the Queen Elizabeth Theater downtown Vancouver. I decide to go as well. This was my second time seeing Joe live, and I was a little surprised since he played many songs I couldn’t recognize. Well, I didn’t even know Joe released a new album! Straight after the show, I went to get the album. It turned out to be surprisingly good. This is the Joe I came to love in the first place. This album has a bit of Strange Beautiful Music to it, which is one of my favorite albums by Joe. In addition to the perfect guitar melodies, there is also a lot of musical depth and exploration with various instruments. In the realm of instrumental rock, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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